About Me!

As I sit finishing the rest of the Christmas chocolates, it’s taking a while I know, I have decided to start what I have been putting off for a while.  Starting my own attempted than the all-encompassing blog.  I used to love writing and documenting the little things in life when I was younger so you could consider this a shot at finding that fun that was forgotten through college and now works.  Every day I tell children they can do whatever they want when they are older so for once in taking some of my own advice and putting it to good use.  Time to do what I want.  I’m not a fan of filming myself but there may be a few clips here and there if I feel confident enough.

For a start I do not claim to know everything that I might talk about, I’m only human for crying out loud.  Whatever I do write about will be what I love, what I discover and anything else I get up to in the middle of a pretty bog-standard existence that I hope to somehow revive by any means possible.  Whether it is exploring some of my new and old-time makeup favourites or my weekend antics with my family and my amateur love of photography.  This will be a little bit of the little things I love.

I also have Instagram where I post more often and have little snaps of the day over at Lauren’s Wide World


Lauren XO