The Novice Guide to Getting Fit – Week 1

Week one done…at least I went.

I’m still alive!! I said I would update you if I survived the first week of going to the gym so I better stick to my word.  The gyms always a daunting place to be for me, everyone else looks like they know what they are doing and you feel like a nutter if you start using things wrong.  Despite the “don’t be daft, no one watching you”, it is still one of the most self-conscious situations I’ve ever been in.

Monday again and this time I’m taking my gym gear to work with me and going straight to the gym. That way I won’t go home and sit in the house and lose the motivation. Luckily it’s a quiet day and there’s next to no one around. The one machine I surely cant looks stupid using, the treadmill. I used to be able to run 1.5k a few years ago but there’s no way I could be that again…yet. After just about keeling over on the treadmill I must have hit insanity and thought I’d try the rowing machine for a bit. The only thing I don’t like about the treadmill is the fact that my arms kill me after not very long but heyho! The good thing about the gym I go to is that there is a woman only area that is a lot smaller and less intimidating. I head for the mat and do some simple exercises. After a few attempts and I decided not to go too hard at the gym and make an exit. Slowly does it, it’s only the first day!

Tuesday comes round and there a little more motivation, I survived the first-day so it wasn’t so bad. The only problem with the gym on a Tuesday is that its a band night. There’s very little time to go from work to gym go home and get out the door to band by half 7. This being said, Tuesday isn’t going the be a lazy day and I’ve had a look though Casey Ho’s videos on the “Blogilates” channel. I’ve figured if I do these workouts at home the times I can’t get to the gym then at least I’m still making an effort. With a quick flick through the “Blogilates” YouTube channel, I’ve select one from the Victoria Secret series Casey Ho comprised. The title Victoria Secret Abs sounds very optimistic but I’ll give it a go. From the off, it was clear that it is not for a beginner such as me, rather for someone who is a lot fitter than me and can actually attempt the exercises to a degree. Everyone has to start somewhere though, persevere Lauren! After a quick workout and dinner its time to get changed and head out to band to finish the day off.

Wednesdays here and its the middle of the week, hump day! The good thing about Wednesday is that I have remembered to take my gym stuff to work with me. To save time, I decide to get changed at work and it seems my apparent enthusiasm is rubbing off on my colleagues with someone suggesting that we do the race for life in May. It’s not impossible. It might be only two days into the gym but I can see that it can help your mentality and mood. One of the main things about going to the gym, for me, is making sure I feel like I’ve been and it been worst it. I have to admit Wednesday was one of the days I was lacking in motivation and it didn’t help that it was positively black outside and with no heating, or what felt like no heating on in the gym, I struggled to run for any length of time without getting chest pains. Nevermind, weights instead and it’s the arms I’m tackling. I’ve always been wary of using weight machines in case I damage something. One of the first questions I asked my friend was, “what can I do that won’t make me look like muscle man?” I know now that was a daft question as I’m told that I’d need to continually work the same muscles and put some serious graft in to become wonder woman on steriods.

Thursday comes round and its finally time to start thinking of the weekend.   Last full working day! Now because of a hundred different things going on, I hadn’t actually planned on going to the gym that night. Instead I had planned on raiding my wardrobes and rearranging things to make finding my work clothes a little easier in the morning.  That was until my friend sent his usual message, “you gyming tonight”.  The rather soppy excuse that I was having a tidy up wasn’t going to wash with him (I’ve already tried that).  Nevertheless, he loaded on the guilt and I found myself heading to the gym at 8:15, two hours later than I would normally and after a bowl of the best Rigatoni pasta going I knew I wasn’t going to be doing a big workout but at least I went.  The dreaded cross trailer and leg exercises were enough for the night as by the time I finished said exercises and said bye to Ryan it was half 9, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and get some shut eye.  Bring on Friday!

Friday arrived after what was a mad week once again.  With Friday being the last day of the week that I plan on going to the gym, I figured that I better make it count before dinner with friends to start the weekend off.  Yet again, I ended up procrastinating the day away for the most part after finishing work at 1.  I really need to make sure I’ve got my gym stuff in my car to stop me going home and doing washing and tidying first.  Nevertheless, I got to the gym with Ryan just before dinner.  Ran till my feet hurt on the treadmill, familiarised myself with what looks like torture machines for legs and abs before pedalling like furry on the bike.  It may have been short but still managed to go before running home to get ready.  I always underestimate how long it is going to take me to get ready and once again I was running late… Just a few minutes though.

Nevertheless, after eating far too much at Toni Macaroni’s I headed home. The catch up was lovely and I was glad I had gone to the gym beforehand and worked up some appetite before stuffing my face with sweet chilli chicken and a burger and chips….urgh I love food!  It made my January that bit more bearable.  Now to plan the next meal and meet up for god knows when.

One thing that is a staple of my weekend is the weekly ice cream from the van that goes around the area.  It’s a tiny little van that has been on the gon for 22 years and every weekend, with the exception of Christmas and a few weekends throughout the summer,  you can hear the horn for a good half hour before it reaches my street.  It wouldn’t quite be a Saturday without “Gillespies”.

I can say that the first week of going to the gym didn’t exactly go to plan but its a start nonetheless.  I know have a family party to look forward to in April and a wedding in June to get my rear in gear for.  It ain’t going to move on its own.  If anyone has any ideas, tip or tricks they wish they knew to feel free to leave them in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until the next post,

Lauren XOX

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