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The No​vice Guide to Getting Fit.

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m the worlds worst for keeping to New Years resolutions and selfpromises.  The only resolution that has ever worked is the “allow yourself chocolate, it’s only a little piece” (cut to half the bar gone and realising it wasn’t a little piece).  When I’ve made any other resolutions its always ended with the “well, that lasted long…NOT”.  So this year I set one resolution, to begin with, and it’s not to cut out sugar, it’s not something unrealistic.  It’s to, plain and simple, be a little healthier and use the gym membership I already pay for.  Especially if I’m possibly doing a 10K race for life.


Ever since I’ve been in school, I’ve envied the girls who were skinny minnies and the ones that could get away with wearing whatever they wanted.  I know I’ve not got a lot to lose but its always been in the back of my mind that I’m not fit and not as healthy as I could be.  Even after losing weight after high school, It’s only a little of the way there. This year I want to make going to the gym part of my routine and take the hassle out of it all.


I know next to nothing about going to the gym, what I need to do to get where I want to go so I have a lot to learn and a lot of people are exactly the same.  These days there’s all the pressure of the likes of social media to look your best and live the best life or what I call the (90% unrealistic life most of the time).  This might seem a little strange but the biggest guilt trip and motivation all in one has to be one of my best friends from school.  Ryan is the quickest to tell anyone that he used to be overweight and unhealthy but over a few years he’s shaped up and changed his perspective on going to the gym.  If he can go so far, I can start the journey I need.

One thing I’ve recently realised is that I needed to change the way I approachedworking out and adding time to go to the gym into my day.  A tip I heard from The Lean Machines’s Lean Bustin in a recent live stream.  Write your day down on a planner or even a piece of paper and highlight the free time during your day.  Even if you don’t actually visit the gym every day and need to work out at home instead.  Blogilates’s Casey Ho on YouTube has loads of great, easy to follow videos ill be using those days I can get into the gym for whatever reason.

For anyone that doesn’t know, I work in a school so every day till 5 o’clock is pretty much a write of unless its school holidays and a Friday afternoon.  A few years ago, I had left my first job and had plenty time during the day and was damn sure I was going to be productive, jump forward two months and I was back to work and my motivation started to slip. I was walking to work and classed that as enough.  Add in learning to drive…LAZY.

I know that going to the gym, the possible personal trainer sessions and how workouts aren’t going to be enough to get to where I want to be so I will be watching what I eat using the MyFitnessPal app.  Knowing you have to add what you are eating to the app an own up to the chocolate and sweets you have in between makes you think about it a bit more (I hope).


So come along for the ride and I’ll share the little tips and tricks, fails and successes, along the way in an unedited, unfiltered view of getting fit by a novice that has very little clue where to start apart from actually going to the gym.  I update more on my Instagram.

If I survive the first week of gym I’ll give an update if not you can assume I’m curled up somewhere suffering dearly.

Until the next post

Lauren XOX

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