Web wonders

Whether you have a big cake of just little buns like these, the design still works and looks just as cool.  This time, I’m making the mini cupcakes so I can take them into work once they are made.  Once I’m finished this mini-series there will be a lot of cake and a lot of chocolate to be eaten and far too much for just 5 people.  It’s like Easter all over again!!


  • Standard cake mix
  • icing sugar
  • colouring of your choice
  • plastic spiders for decoration if desired


  • cake cases
  • thin spike such as a toothpick
  • baking tray/ cake tin

How to…

1) mix the cake mix together in a large bowl separate amounts into different bowls and add food colouring if desired.  For this mix, I decided to make the cakes different colours and see how it goes.img_6401.jpgIMG_6396.jpg

2) bake for 20-30 minutes  






3) bring cakes out of the tin to cool completely

4) mix the icing sugar and water together to create medium consistency and separate into two bowls; one for black icing sugar.

5) once cakes have cooled, begin icing with the white icing and covering the top of each cake.

6) drizzle the black icing on top in a circle using a toothpick.  Using a clean toothpick drag the icing out from the centre to create the web effect.  

7) One thing I’ve learnt from this is that you need to make the icing rather thick and wait until right before the white icing cools to add the black icing or they merge together and the web is not as clear.IMG_6410 I bought a bag of spiders from the Range to add a little extra to the top of these cakes.  If you are making a bigger version, you can use a piping bag to create the circles and add more plastic spiders to the top.

Let me know below what you filled your Halloween with this year and what your favourite Autumn bakes are, I’d love to know!  Next attempt is the iced cookie creatures and the Pumpkin! 

Until the next,

Lauren XXX


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