France…..Just lovely

Ahh eventually, I’ve managed to find the rest of my holiday pictures from the South of France.  Better late than never!  To be quite honest it’s not just the pictures that went missing it was also my motivation to carry on writing on here.  God knows where it went but it’s only just starting to come back now (i think) so here is the rest of the holiday.  To catch up with the rest of the holiday check out The French Rivera at its best!

Niće and Cannes were the next two stops on the holiday and seeing as we were staying just outside Niće it only seemed right that we find out what the city centre was like.  Just as you expect it was busy and “very French” whatever that’s supposed to mean.  With a lovely promenade filled with restaurants, cafes and people going about there the very casual way of life.  It was also heaving with people just like us, Brits on holiday.  Carting everything down to the beach from their hotels and holiday apartments is not something I like the thought of doing.  After eventually getting parked somewhere we decided to take a walk along the beach front and try to find somewhere to eat.  No matter what beach we seemed to visit or what time it was, there always seemed to be people out on bikes, rollerblading, taking a stroll, chilling out on the beach with friends and it certainly played to the lassie fare attitude people say France has.  From the beach, you can see the planes coming into land and take off in the sunset.

The quest for something to eat was postponed and we decided to head back to the house before it got that dark that climbing up the winding road to the house wouldn’t seem like something from a horror ride at a theme park.  Has to be the worst part about the house but the view was worth it.

Ticking off the beaches on the coast we decided to head to Cannes and see what it had to offer.  The one thing Cannes is most known for is the Cannes Film Festival.  walking along the pavement you can see the various handprints of the various famous faces such as Meryl Streep, Robin Williams.

IMG_0562      IMG_0575

IMG_0577      IMG_0576

Aside from Monte Carlo, this is one that my sister was especially looking forward to because of the supposed shopping potential it has.  I say shopping, what I really mean is having a look at all the nice shops we don’t really have back home.  Aside from the shopping, we decided to cruise along the rather hot beach to reach the harbour and take a guess at the sums of money locked in the rather lavish display of boats.  I’m blonde there were several stops for shade along the way! I don’t do terribly well in direct sun so by the time we got the harbour it was time for one long stop and something to eat!

For our final night in nice before heading back up the road we decided to head to the promenade to soak up the last of the sunshine and grab something to eat at a little restaurant overlooking the beach front.

A little something from one of the little shops along the front of Niće.  Everywhere I go I pick something!


The next morning we headed back up the road and stayed the night in what can only be described as adequate.  It was halfway up the road in Lyon and was a welcomed rest after a long day in the car.  The next morning we woke up to the news that a lorry had ploughed through the crowds watching the Bastille Day fireworks on the Niće promenade, right outside the restaurant we had dinner in just over 24 hours before the attack.  We had contemplated staying the extra night in Niće to see the fireworks because we would have been able to see them from the house in the hills but decided against it on better judgement.  Its a rather scary thought that the restaurant in the picture below is where we had just been.


Looking back at this pictures, I just want to go back to the sunshine and enjoy the French Riviera at its best.  Its been two years since and could possibly be another while before in back down that end of Europe as there are a few different holidays planned for the next while.

Until the next post,

Lauren XOX

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