April/May Favourites​!

Now being new to this blogging blonder as my friend called it, it is only right that at some point my favourites cropped into a post.  I’ll try to keep it short and sweet but it’s going to be hard and will be a little bit of everything.

T Time

With the weather not exactly being tropical unless you refer to the monsoon-like showers, we tend to get every other day.  A girl like myself tends to either burn or be a pale Polly.  I don’t like being either so reach for Bondi Sands self-tanning foam in light/medium with the Gradual Tanning milk.  If you like the smell of coconut then you’ll like this but if not you might want to find another brand.  Loreal Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse is also really good and easy to apply.


My hair is something I am very protective of and I hate the thought of damaging it in any way.  However, after seeing an advert for Loreal Colorista washout dyes, I felt like I needed to be a bit more adventurous.  All of the reviews I’ve read spoke about being really kind to your hair so I gave it a go and I was not disappointed.  The colour takes really well to my hair as its blonde but you can buy a lightening dye to highlight part or all of your hair before using the colours from the wide range.  The reviews were right, my hair does not feel damaged at all and the colour is fantastic, lasting for just over a week using colour guarding shampoo.


To give my hair little boost, I’ve recently found the Schwartzkopf styling mouse and it works wonders.  My hair can be a little flat sometimes with having my hair in and out of a bauble all day and this helps to keep a little life in the locks.

Nailed it!

Nails, nails, nails!! Up till recently, I’ve never really been fussed about getting nails done and when working in a job where my hands are constantly in and out of water, spending money getting my nails done seems a little daft.  Despite this, I’m now hooked getting my nails done.  It beats painting your own nails and having to repaint them every other day.

Chocolate Heaven!

A few months ago my mum and I came across Morrisons’ “Melt in the Middle” Chocolate puddings.  If you are on a diet then this might be for your cheat day but it is definitely worth waiting for.  Pop in the microwave for 40 seconds and you have your chocolate sponge and runny chocolate centre, Its just chocolate heaven!  The diet starts again Monday!



A little nineties

Now I’m not the kind of person that is entirely confident with the whole crop top, denim jacket and dungarees style but I decided to pick up a few crop tops to see if I can rock the whole nineties(ish) look.  Primark has quite a few designs and colours and the denim jacket, I’m becoming a little obsessed with.  The dungarees are both from H&M and can’t quite decide which ones I like best.  It’s decision time!

Let me know some of your new favourites in the comments and if there’s anything you think I’d like, I’d love to hear!  As always please give this a little like and subscribe if you enjoyed my little moths run down.  not saying it’s going to be something I do every month but the occasional one might pop up.

You can head over to Lauren’s Wide World on Instagram to find out what I’m up to between posts.

Until I’m away to enjoy the last of the Scottish sun before it disappears for another year!

Lauren XO

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