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Spring Sass and Style

With it being spring, well almost, I can finally start moving my clothes around and reside the jumpers to the back of the draws and vacuum pack the bulky stuff away. I love winter and being cosy in big jumpers, knee-high boots and making the most of cosy nights but I’ve had enough now.  Time to switch it up!

With living in Scotland, there’s not much chance of it being what some Scottish men call “taps aff weather”.  Anything above 12 degrees is considered worthy of a facebook picture wearing sunglasses and possibly leaving the coat in the house.  Ten minutes later you need wellies, umbrella and the possibility of your thickest jacket.  If you ever visit, even in June, you have been warned.

With this in mind, I thought I’d do a little run down of my favourite “go-to looks” I can get away with wearing pretty much through to August with the exception of a few days us Scots call “Summer”. I’ve been doing a little snooping around the shops near me and I’ll leave links down below to similar items if I can’t find the original.

Laid back lazy

Ohh hello, converse, since when?  The converse and jeans look is something I wasn’t exactly a fan of until recently.  Being what I consider to be on the shorter side, I’ve always liked wearing boots or heals over flat shoes.  I’ve never really had much of a casual side.  These days I love wearing my baggy jumper from River Island, thanks Dan!  Ohh hello, converse, since when? 

A little frills 

Now seeing as the weather changes all the time, I probably will not get much of a chance to wear this but I love the look of it and you never know, it might come in handy for holidays and a party at some point with a pair of heels.  Like I said everything in the shops seems to be very floral, frilly or spotty.  

This might have been a Primark last year find but there’s plenty similar designs and prints in the likes of Primark, Topshop and River Island.  I love wearing it with my leather or suede jacket.

Printy Pretty

I spend 90% of the time wearing black skinny jeans to work, the cheapest jeans I don’t mind getting marked.  I’ve never been one bold enough to try the printed trouser look but these caught my eye straight away and love them with a simple white top, blazer and heels or flats.  Its a little out there but hey ho!

Dusky Duster and Trench

Being of the height deprived, length is something I’m very aware of when I buy coats, dresses or skirts.  I immediately fell in love with the colour of this coat in Primark and have actually worn it with the print trousers above.  It is just the right length when I wear it with heels and a dress or jeans.  I’m still messing with it and I’m not too sure if its a keeper but we’ll see.  My trench coat always seems to go well.  It looks more expensive than it was and can go with anything, casual or smart.

Shirt Galore

One thing I have a lot of is shirts, there’s a whole section of my wardrobe dedicated to shirts! Apart from having a few for work, most of the shirts I have are plaid or long.  Think it is about time I had a clear out!  One I will never get rid of is my long H&M white shirt.  Paired with a pair of jeans and converse or tied with one of my long skirts never goes wrong, when it’s nice enough that is! 

There are hangers hanging on hangers in my wardrobe.  There’s loads!


If you liked this little run down of my Spring favourites don’t forget to like the post and let me what your go-to items are! I’d love to know.  You can also check out Instagram Lauren’s Wide World in between posts.  Come over and say hi! Thank you for the support so far, I’m loving it!


White converse                Floral maxi dress           River Island Black Jumper

White Shirt            Dark Blue Jeans

Pink duster coat                Floral trousers



Lauren XO


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