Perfect For A Little Me Space.

I don’t know about anyone else but at the end of a day when you feel like you’ve not stopped talking, you’ve got no voice left and you’re done in, I sometimes like nothing better than lying in a dark room, sticking music on my earphones and zoning out for a bit.  If zoning out won’t do the trick them sometimes a bath is needed, must have been a loud, long day!  For me, a candle bath and loads of bubbles can do wonders.  At the minute I am loving using the Zoella bath range.  Curiosity got the better of me walking around Superdrug and I decided to give it a go. FullSizeRender







Still living at home, my room is my “me space”.  I can sit on my bed catching up on youtube or I can sit for a bit doing absolutely nada, nout, nothing!!  I have a confession to make, I am by no means the tidiest 20 something you can find.  That’s no secret!  At times I call it more like organised chaos but no ones tidy all the time.  Hoi mother I can hear you laughing somewhere reading this!


P1020791My room is a little collection of the bits and pieces that remind me of what I love. The main point of my room has to the be the floor to ceiling shelves with little items.  With the flowers from when I was a bridesmaid to one of my best friends, to shells from the beach at Dunbar, have a read at My Seaside Home to find out a little more.

These shelves are one of the best parts of my room, I’ve threaded some plain battery powered LED string lights around the back of them which adds a little feature a night.  For a while, I was a little obsessed with string lights and think it all came after watching an old video of Zoella’s when she used to live in her flat.  I loved the look of the soft lighting in the ceiling and a few sets of battery lights is the easiest way to add a little something.

Either side of my shelves I have a wardrobe and desk area I sometimes use for makeup.  The whole unit that stretches the whole wall was actually built by my very handy dad a few years ago.  The curtains can be tied back or left down.  IMG_0776

As far as I can remember, the curtains came from Ikea.  I have to say this is where I tend to do my hair and makeup when I’m going out or I really need it to look better than just quickly applying something before I go to work.  I will leave links to everything I can find or similar items at the bottom of the page P1020803

I don’t know about anyone else but as a kid, a trip to Ikea was a good day out, it was an event!




One thing I do have an abundance of is candles.  It just makes the room that little bit cosier.  Primark and TK Max (TJ Max for any Americans) sometimes have the best selection of candles and tea lights.  I do have to say though that my favourite has to be the three wick Bath&Bodyworks “Mahogany & Teakwood” candle.  I only light it on the rare occasion cause I grudge paying full price till my Aunt goes over to America again.





One thing I don’t think I have enough of in my room is marble.  I’ve just recently found some lovely looking marble accessories on Asda.com.  Think I will have purchased some by the end of the week.  The bedding I have on in the picture below is from George Asda and I’m in love.  My bed is the main part of my room and where I spend a lot of my time while editing these posts.IMG_7838

The one thing I’m looking for is a bigger rug for my room.  Having laminate can sometimes make a room feel cold and a bigger rug would definitely make the room feel a little cosier.  Time to head to the shops and hopefully Livingston Designer Outlet will have something.  If you know anywhere near Glasgow and Edinburgh that is good for rugs then let me know in the comments below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief room run down of my room, if so please give it a little like.  Let me know in the comments how you find your little “me space” after a long day.


Marble Bedding

Zoella                                    Mercury Lightbulb

White Curtains from Ikea

Storage Boxes      

Bath&Bodyworks Candles

Strip Lights

White framed mirror



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