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Living not far from Edinburgh, as odd as it may seem, I don’t go into the centre of town often.  This being said, Edinburgh is still a great place to head to.  Whether you are looking to do a bit of shopping or have a hunt through history, it has a something for everyone and I thought I’d give you a little rundown of some of the best places to visit.

One thing Edinburgh is not short on is supplying somewhere to eat and drink.  There’s an abundance of restaurants and bars up the side streets from Princes Street.  A personal favourite of mine is The Filling Station on Rose Street as it never fails to impress and there’s always something for everyone.  So much so that the last time I was in I forgot to take pictures of the food before I finished, whoops!  If eating in Edinburgh is something you do often or you know someone that does, check out the Foodinburgh website.  You can find great deals, offers and reviews on food, drink and things to do in and around the capital and they have a members card to access certain deal and offers throughout the capital.

Edinburgh Rose St - main cover

Now if Gin is something you like the taste of,  I strongly suggest heading to Edinburgh Gin for a little something to wash down your food.  Tucked away under the Rutland Hotel, this mini Gin distillery turned bar is one of Edinburgh’s popular spots.  On the tours, you are enlightened to the world of Gin making and the mini-distillery allows you to see some of the processes.  With live music at night and a variety of Gins and liqueurs on offer, its no wonder their boozy tasting tours are so popular.  I certainly love the Raspberry Gin with Lemonade I had in my Easter Weekend The Chilled Way post.

The Edinburgh Gin trailer often makes an appearance at the Edinburgh Festival offering a chance to experience the different Gins and cocktails.





It is hard to imagine that all of this is tucked away under the ground.  It’s a bit of a Gin cave if you ask me.


The fact that this is tucked away underground just makes it look so much cooler.

Edinburgh is also famous for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the German market in December.  Every year the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is spread over the various venues in the city with the Princes Street Gardens and George street is where most of the drink, food and busking happens.  The Festival runs from the 3rd to the 27th August this year.  The German Market is more of a funfair experience with the gardens being full of stalls selling everything from handmade gifts such and lights to scarves and food.  For the past few years, there has been an ice rink in St Andrew’s Square along with some other stalls and rides for those brave enough!images


The Christmas market is a sure way to get you into the Christmas Spirit.

If having a boozy afternoon isn’t your kind of fun or you have individuals under 18 then Camera Obscura is a great way to learn about the city and mess with your mind.  I went on a visit to the optical illusions centre after a few cocktails and wine and I have to say it made for a rather giggly and funny twist.  With several floors of optical illusions, science and facts to get your head around.  just be prepared for the hike half way up the Royal Mile to get to it and wear sensible shoes, I failed to be prepared and paid the price for it.  Exhausted doesn’t cover it!P1020443

This just messes with your head.  The optical illusion Zoe is almost twice the size of me is something she wanted for a while.
That’s more like it.


You can get a great view from the top of Camera Obscurer and it’s even better on a nice day!  The last time I was up to the top, the castle was being prepared for the world famous Military Tattoo in the castle grounds.

Once you are half way up the Royal Mile you may as well go the other half and you arrive at Edinburgh Castle grounds.  With a great view of the city from the castle imagesroyal-edinburgh-military-tattooesplanade and reasonable entry into the castle grounds, it is certainly one of the main attractions in Edinburgh.  One thing I’ve yet to experience is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

I’ve always seen it on TV but never been to see it, one day I might brave the cold and see it live.

Now if you’re like me you’ll like a snoop around the shops.  While we’ve got a good selection of shops in Livingston, Edinburgh has more of the designer shops such ZARA, Frasers and Jenners.  Between George Street and Princes Street, there’s sure to be something for everyone.  Many a time a trip to Edinburgh has been the way to solve any shopping list struggles.


I have to say Edinburgh has some of the best looking buildings.  On a good day, when the wind doesn’t cut you in two, you get a chance to stop and realise just how beautiful Edinburgh can be.  The tram cables kind of ruin the look I have to say.

If a trip down memory lane is what you are after then you can make a stop at the Museum of Childhood.  With toys and objects from throughout the decades, you can reminisce back to your childhood and listen to at least one child say “what does that do?” or “that’s what you played with?”.  I wonder what the toys will be in 20 years time? Fidget spinner anyone?imagesimagesimages

There is also the Scottish National Gallery on Princes Street and the Surgeons’ Hall Museum in near the Cowgate part of the city.  If anyone is looking for a gory, gruesome and medical take on history then The Edinburgh Dungeons might also be what you looking for.  With a theatrical look at some of the most notorious crimes committed throughout the city, it is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish.dungeonsSAM_2115

I have to say, one of the best parts of living where I do is that you can get to the centre of Edinburgh or Glasgow in next to no time by train.  Think I’m about due another trip into the city now the weather is starting to pick up a bit (fingers crossed).  If you liked this rundown of things to do in the capital please give this a little like and let me know where you are from.  I’d love it if you gave this little site of mine a follow, come along and see what I get up to.

Lauren XO

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