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My Morning Mayhem!!

I don’t know about anyone else but my mornings are far from relaxed!  It is a little like organised madness.  There’s four of us to get out of the door before 8 o’clock every morning and I need to leave first most of the time.  I am definitely a night owl and mornings are my enemy!  I’ve just returned to work after two weeks holiday and feeling the drag!  First on the to-do list, look for some summer sun!  Since I’m returning to work I thought I’d give you a little run down of how my mornings normally go.

I’m afraid I’m one of the people that need to have a shower in the morning to wake me up and get started.  I try not to wash my hair every day but I can’t go any longer than 2nd-day hair before I reach for the shampoo.  I was introduced to John Frieda’s “Sheer Blonde Go Blonder” IMG_1863range but one of my friends at college and haven’t looked back since.  I’m naturally a very dark blonde, almost brown despite being bright blonde when I was younger.  I love the way the shampoo and conditioner gradually lighten my hair without looking like it has been dyed.  Occasionally I’ll use the Go Blonder lightening spray to make my hair a little lighter.  I was worried about it drying out my hair but as long as you don’t use the spray every day and blow dry your hair on a very high heat then you’ve got nothing to worry about.


In the shower, I love using the Simple “Kind to Skin” face wash and every other day just to wake up my skin and make sure my face is completely clean before I start my make up.  I sometimes like to switch it up with the face foam from my March Birchbox subscription.

Also because I wear fake tan the majority of the time, occasionally I have to take my tan off.  I find the “Tan eraser” mitt works wonders!  I just stand away from the water for a few minutes while I scrub my arms and legs to remove the tan and stand back under to wash off the dead tan.








The fake tan I use is the Bondi Sands “Self Tanning Foam” in Light/Medium and the “Gradual Tanning Milk” to help keep the colour from going to patchy.  If you don’t like the smell of Coconut then Bondi Sands maybe isn’t the brand for you.

IMG_7277While I wait for that to sink in, I’ll start on my hair with the Tresemme “Max the Volume Body & Bounce”.  This you have to be careful with, if you add too much then it can make your hair feel a little stiff.  Start with one pump and using one hand, run your finger through your hair from the roots gradually adding more till you feel like you’ve got enough.  I also use the Vo5 “Heat Protect Spray” and the “Go Blonder” spray I mentioned earlier before giving my hair a blast with the hair drier.  Top tip: don’t completely dry your hair, leave a little moisture in it help prevent loose ends.

img_0002.jpgNow comes the fun part.  I tend to reach for the same make up every morning because I know it works.  I’ve just started using the e.l.f “Poreless Primer” and find it works quite well keeping your make up in place.  I’m not looking for a flawless finish come 5 o’clock when I get back in from work, I just need something that doesn’t make me look oily or patchy.



Using the fake tan that I do, I find that I have to sometimes mix two foundations together.  So far the Bourjois “Healthy Mix” is one of the best foundations I’ve found that matches more yellow toned skin like mine but a little drop of the Fitme! “Matte+Poreless” makes it a little lighter to match my colour.


For concealer, I always include the Collection “Lasting Perfection” concealer.  If you like something a little lighter in colour, I sometimes use the MUA “Cover&Conceal” along with the collection concealer.  Especially for when I’m really needed lighter eyes and a few more hours sleep! If you’ve never tried MUA then I’d give the concealers a try.  They’re fab!

IMG_3206Now if you don’t live anywhere near a Primark, then I send my sympathies.  Their obvious copy of Kim Kardashian’s make up line is something everyone should at least try.  I’m loving using the contour sticks; easy, quick and blendable.


The eyeliner I love using just now is the Rimmel “Scandaleyes”.  I’m waiting to see if it runs dry quickly like the rest of them but we’ll see.  I love how thin the point is so its a winner so far.




Eyebrows are something I don’t spend a great time on, a quick brush and maybe a fill in with the “Rimmel “Brow this way” pencil and that’s about it.  With wearing glasses I’m not the biggest fan of mascara, it normally wears off easily and feels really heavy.  All I need now is a little blusher and I’m done.

Time for food and I’m nearly done for the morning.  I try to be healthy but “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  A quick bowl of cereal will do while I finish getting ready, grab the last of my things and I’m out the door!  I’m afraid if you think I have a glamorous job and get to wear fancy clothes you’re wrong.  I wear things I don’t mind getting stained or covered in paint.  I sometimes wish I could wear heels but nevermind.

Forgive the lack of smile in this one but it was actually a snap chat to my best friend.


If you’d like to see a makeup run down and favourites post then leave a comment down below and give the post a like.  Also now I have a few more Birchbox months under my belt, let me know if a review is something you’d like to see.  I’m slowly getting to grips with this posting malarky and I’m loving it so thanks for the support so far and look out for more posts to come!  Hitting the subscribe button will notifying you when I upload.


Lauren XO



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