The effort is important

I have to say I’m not the most sociable person going, in fact I’m probably one of the least. I have a group of friends that, to be honest, I don’t even remember how we all became friends.  We all at some point met through each other at high school probably, picking up the odd stray here and there.  It wasn’t until dinner tonight while out with this motley crew that I realised two things; 1)how much of a motley crew we actually are and 2) how every now and then the effort really can make a difference.  In school you are almost forced to spend most of the day with these other people who you tolerate for sometime before you come to see them as one dysfunctional family.

It wasn’t as if I was the out going, loud mouth that everyone gravitated towards.  It almost felt like he complete opposite, the quiet one that everyone tolerated to some degree.  And it is probably at this point I should say if any of this motley crew are reading this, please don’t feel guilty.



For once the suggestion of doing something in our group chat didn’t end up dead in the water as another failed attempt, we all managed to find a time where we could meet and have a meal with relative ease.  Anyone else in a group chat of some sort will understand the feeling.  Its almost a miracle.  There’s always the group nutter(s) of which we have two.  Sorry boys but Cammy and Dan, no one wears that title better.  Theres the healthy, food-language individuals who, where credits due, have done pretty well for themselves in being healthy.  Don’t know how you can avoid chocolate with such ease (I’m calling freaks of nature Ryan and Vix).  The smart, too technical to understand Chris who I’mimg_1471.jpg determined speaks only in sarcasm.  You have the “I can take on any of you”, Megan who is my fave ginger ninja.  Theres not really any other way to describe you, sorry!  Then you get the cocktail loving duo that are me and my sidekick Zoe.  Top tip – never go in an optical illusions centre are you’ve had a few beverages, it throws you sideways!  Last but not least you have the smart one who, tonight, was left in charge of  dividing the bill and dealing with the dosh cause he’s less likely to mess it up.  Thanks Ryan S!

Some how Vix managed to steal my phone a some point and spam my phone as usual.
The blank expression on Chris’s face says it all, “who’s ruined the picture now?”
Inspector Vix on the case of the nutter ruining the picture, decision…..Ryan and his blonde bonnet!!

Sitting surrounded by some of my longest and best friends it made me realise that even the smallest effort to check in with friends for a catch up over coffee or a big group dinner can make the biggest difference to someone’s day.  Just to know that people would go out of their way to spend time with you or to catch up over drinks is all it can take to change someones mood.  I know not seeing friends, getting to busy or caught up in the everyday can be the excuse but it can begin to get you down and it isn’t pretty.
















If you know someone who you’ve not spoken to for a while or you keep meaning to message them for a catch up, do it now.  It might be exactly what that person is needing.  If you have a neighbour or an old relative you don’t get to see very often, make that effort to make them feel recognised.  I have a lovely lady who my mum and I make a point of visiting every few weeks and I know that for someone like her, that might be just about all the interact they’ll get for another few days.  That visit might mean more than you realise.




Lauren XO






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