Easter Weekend The Chilled Wayward

I don’t know about anyone else but Easter is one of my favourite times of the year! You can see a change age in the weather, normally! However right now, Easter Monday, it is near on a blizzard outside. Also when I was little, my family always had the tradition of rolling decorated eggs down a hill and half an hour from my house. My family aren’t normally competitive but when it came to eggy rolling, game faces were on! I remember one year my dad, an avid model collector and racing enthusiast, took it to the next level. This particular year we had my Mum’s family up from London for Easter and it’s the last year I can remember all my aunts, uncles and cousins all taking part. My dad decided to be top secret about his design hiding it in the garage. Turns out he made what came to be, nothing short of a detailed, V&A worthy, egg designed as a race car driver with accompanying, fully functional go cart. Told you we were competitive!

This year however, it has to be said we haven’t rolled eggs down Cockleroy for sometime and the Easter weekends are of a rather lazier affair. Having two weeks off due to school term times, by the time the middle weekend came, I was going a little crazy. The only time I had been out the house was to go to the gym everyday.  It was time for a meet up before men in white suits came to collect me for insanity.  The meet up that somehow came to fruition was with my friends from school. There’s a run down of the motley crew in my “Every little effort counts” post.  A chat over food and the first catch up since September, it was desperately needed with us all agreeing that, again, it should be done more regularly.


After night of taking the mic out of each other and catching up. Friday turned to Saturday with the day taking a similar tone, this time it was a catch up with colleagues from work to celebrate one of them completing her masters degree, good on you! Lunch it was at Liberta in Bathgate before heading to another restaurant for drinks, cocktails were calling my name. I’m not a big drinker, I’ll have a few and if you’re wanting to get drunk them cocktails aren’t really the way to do it unless you’ve got good strong measures in there which we didn’t.  Having sampled a few of the cocktails with rather fancy complicated names; Chambord Royale (lovely),  Taste the Rainbow (satisfying) it was time to move on to the the Gins.

Forgive the inner child me but the best part of this is the sweats hidden inside the “Taste the Rainbow” cocktail.

I have found my new favourite! Edinburgh gin’s “Raspberry Gin” and Lemonade.

Ohh yes, hello there!
If your going to try something new go for the classy looking cocktails, Chambord Royale anyone?

Edinburgh Gin is a company who I have became increasingly aware of since hearing about the raspberry and elderflower, rhubarb and ginger flavours. Ordinary, London hill dry gin or Bombay sapphire with tonic water is not something I would ever drink, much to the shock of some of my family members. This however, goblet died glass with fresh raspberries in a mixture of raspberry Gin and lemonade is a little bit of me!

Home made isn’t quite the same without the fresh raspberries but still went down a treat.

So much so that Easter Sunday after clearing out make up and organising, if was
decided that a gin was deserved while having a bath. Have to say it wasn’t exactly a quiet bath as my sister, mum and I (from behind the shower curtain) put the world revolving around my sister ex boyfriend to rights. I found new levels of sass in Mother that I, nor my sister, were not expecting.  After the morning of organising make up and being gin relative silence (I was going to finish clearing out come hell or high water.)  There maybe a make up collection and favourites post coming since I’ve managed to complete the task.

I must not buy anymore make up.


Megan and I have our patches of wanting to swing for each other but if the way to have a laugh involves ranting about old relationships and included occasionally interrupting my bath then so be it.

Unfortunately the snow and horizontal rain has made doing anything resembling spring like near enough impossible.  The majority of Monday was spent walking round the shops with Dan shoe hunting and shoe hunting only!  (Fight the temptation to by things you don’t need!)  I always come home with things I don’t need and waste money.

Now that Easter is over with hopefully we can have some more weather that is more like spring rather than winter (fingers crossed but it is Scotland after all).  If you enjoyed this little Easter run down post then please give it a like and comment what you got up to on your Easter weekend.  I love hearing how other people spend holidays or time off.

Lauren XO

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