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Take me Back!!

Back in the summer I headed for some summer sun after my bestfriends wedding.  Everytime me and my family try to decide on somewhere to go for a break, it always ends up being a last minute decision and stressing out.  This particular destination was picked just a week before we flew!

I had never been to Lanzarote and only heard the nickname “Lanzagrotty” so was a little apprehensive as to what to expect.  We found “La Concha” Apartments on “” and the pictures were stunning so hopes were high.  They didn’t disappoint at all!!



The entrance to the complex was closed when we arrived late afternoon.  However, the next morning we had to go and sort out a few things and all I can say is, it’s stunning. Just like the rest of the complex.  Can someone come decorate my house like this?




We found out that the apartments had only been opened two months before our visit and the terrance wasn’t quite finished yet however looking on the terrance has been finished.


Each of the rooms have their own little walk way and its a bit of a maze with them all being tucked in but is does not feel cramped or squashed AT ALL!!





Each room has this undisturbed view of the beach with several gates giving direct access to the beach and coast path from the apartments. Each apartment also has its own terrance areas with none of them being over looked.  Some of the one bedroom apartments have a hot tub jacuzzi.



Who can argue with that view, really?  To wake up to this every morning would be the dream!!



The pool is goals!  The resort is an adults only site and I think the whole time we were there we seen ten other guests.  Maybe because it was so newly open but it was just so quite and lovely to relax in and chill out.



This place was absolutely stunning at night, my camera doesn’t quite do it justice.  Could have spent all night walking round taking pictures of the complex.  Just ultimate relaxation!








Even though we were literally a five minute drive in a taxi from the Airport in Playa Honda, there was next to no noise from any planes going over or traffic.  It was also in a residential area so there was no noise from any other hotel or restaurants nearby which was brilliant.IMG_0065


After a day or two chilling by the pool and soaking up some sun, we decide to head to the capital of the island, Areciefe.  I have to say it is not the shopping capital I thought it would be and was more of a historic town which is still lovely but a little quieter than you would expect of a capital.




If you are looking or a little more life and entertainment, I would suggest going to Playa del Carmen.  Plenty of shops, restaurants and stalls.  If you are wanting to avoid seeing any other British people then I’d give visiting Playa del Carmen a miss during the summer, its just like being back home but with some sun.

I love the fact that it is normal for a shopping centre to have a mini golf, 4D experience and open air cinema on the roof.












The lovely things about Play del Carmen was the padlocks along the beach path with different places, date and names written on them.P1010971

The lovely thing about being in Playa Honda was the gorgeous beach walk and the fact that you didn’t have to go too far from the complex to get something to eat or do.




If you liked this little holiday blog then please give this little site a follow.  I’d love to hear if any of you have been to Lanzarote or have any suggestions of places of a little sun worshiping.  I also have an instagram account, Lauren’sWideWorld where you can find out what I’m up to indetween posts.

Lauren  XO



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