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A Little Snow Never Hurt Anyone

Unless you’ve been sitting under a rock for the last three days, most of the UK has been hit by the “Beast From the East” and “Storm Emma” is apparently still to come.  With there being nearly 2 foot of snow outside, I thought it would be the best time to try and catch the village in covered in the worst snow in 8 years.IMG_6003

You know it gets crazy when neighbours are swapping bread, pancakes and loaves for whisky.  Have to say I wouldn’t live anywhere else, most of my neighbour’s know each other and help out in times like this.


Our hill has been disastrous the last few days but luckily the farm up behind us have a tractor that has since cleared the road for us to get to civilisation.  He has been paid in a Glengoyne 10 year old whisky for those wondering.IMG_3323

I have to say when it isn’t urgent to go anywhere, the snow is stunning and like a picture post card.  This is just an example of how pretty the snow looks.  behind me theres cars spinning and slipping everywhere.


Since no one was going anywhere, I’ve resorted to making a cake and pancakes.  Schools are shut, busses and trains are stopped, airports closed and shops are running empty.  People aren’t even letting the loaves of bread get to the shop shelves before buying them, following the delivery man in to the shop.

Im going to be doing a separate Recipe blog in the next few weeks with my favourite easy bake treats.

After the worst of the storm being over, Dan and I decided to head out with the camera and take some pictures and make the most of the snow.  Queue dragging Dan out to take pictures.



Im in love with wearing these big scarves and getting wrapped up warm.  I always feel like I’ve got to have a scarf on no matter what I’m wearing.



This doesn’t do the snow justice, it was up and over the wellies at times.  Walking through snow is so much harder that you expect.



So I’m wrapped up with wellies and several layers and socks but Dan doesn’t do wrapped up apparently.


Dan finding his inner photographer with my camera looking like he knew what he was doing.


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Lauren XO

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