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My Seaside Home

Every time I visit this beautiful place I fall more in love.  Dunbar has always been somewhere I have enjoyed visiting with my family, spending a week in the chalets or just a long afternoon, you can feel like you are much further away than you are.  Its all thanks to my Mum going to Dunbar as a child with her family, it has now become tradition.

Coming along this road is always when we knew the holiday had really started.  At the end there is a tiny car park that on a sunny day is absolute chaos to even get near.


This row of chalets has never changed in years and have to say is where many bikes ride and afternoon walks would begin either to go off towards the golf course in search for golf balls or a walk along the beach.


Dunbar is famed for being one of the sunniest places in the country and has what is known as “The Bridge to Nowhere” at Belhaven Beach.  Theres a few times I’ve sat with family in the chalets and watched people as the tide comes in, cutting off the bottom steps.  Its a long walk back!!

This has to be the highest I’ve seen the sea for a while. Not great if you get stuck on here you’ll have quite a wait or swim to get off.
When the sea comes in it can swallow if the majority of the beach and the rocks! you wouldn’t think it but theres quite a drop from the point seen here to the beach level.

Although it might look nice and sunny in some of the pictures, it is in Scotland and you always need to wrap up warm.  If you’re brave enough to go out to the point on a wild day, it can cut anyone in half.


Aside from this gorgeous beach, the harbour is equally stunning and full of character.  A trip to Dunbar is not complete without a quick stop at the harbour.  I can’t stand the smell of fish but I can overlook that.


My sister will probably kill me for putting the above picture in this post but its one of my favourites.  Sums up a trip to Dunbar, blowing a gale and the sun trying its best to shine.



The harbour is full of these crates or years I wondered what they were used for, crabs.  They are all assigned to different boats with some sort of code and number a bit like a secret language of fisherman.


It wouldn’t be the harbour if you didn’t see “Sammy Seal”.  You can tell when the boats are coming in with a hauls as he always makes an appearance, bobbing up between them to see if they are going to get a little something.


I have to admit this has to be one of the coldest pool going, it isn’t sea water but sure as hell feels like it.  The picture, right,  is what is left of the old outdoor pool which is famous for holding swim wear contests and pageants in the 60’s and 70’s when there was such as thing as a decent summer.


I love the sense of history in Dunbar still has.  Theres the feeling of the houses round the harbour being kept as traditional fishing cottages with some of them being decorated like the one above.  .  The castle ruins at the harbour is some how still standing, possibly being propped up by the seagulls taking residence.  The castle ruins stretch all the way round to the small harbour.P1000606P1000635p1000630.jpg

Visiting the Dunbar always gives me a chance to play around with the settings only camera.  I’m no expert but it this is a great place to get a few different shots.  Whether it just on my phone or my Panasonic Lumix TZ71, I’m always taking pictures!

Until the next post


Lauren xo

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