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The No​vice Guide to Getting Fit.

Now I'm the first to admit that I'm the worlds worst for keeping to New Years resolutions and selfpromises. The only resolution that has ever worked is the "allow yourself chocolate, it's only a little piece" (cut to half the bar gone and realising it wasn't a little piece).


The Novice Guide to Getting Fit – Week 1

Week one least I went.I'm still alive!! I said I would update you if I survived the first week of going to the gym so I better stick to my word.  The gyms always a daunting place to be for me, everyone else looks like they know what they are doing and you feel like a nutter… Continue reading The Novice Guide to Getting Fit – Week 1

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Land of the sunshine…I think (part 1)

Summer at last!!  As usual, this summer holiday was left rather last minute and only really came into being after my cousin suggested that I and sister fly out to America to my Aunt's house if we could find flights cheap enough.  After searching websites and doing a little digging and debating we finally found flights… Continue reading Land of the sunshine…I think (part 1)